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About us

Desamfm - Nurturing Faith in Teens

Welcome to Desamfm, a pioneering Christian curated content platform tailored exclusively for teens & young adults. Our vision is to create a secure and supportive online space where Christian youngsters can connect, flourish, and embark on a shared journey of faith exploration

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Why Desamfm?

At Desamfm, we understand the unique needs of Christian teens in today's digital age. Our platform is meticulously crafted to foster a community where young minds can connect with one another, grow in their faith, and explore Christ teachings.

What Do We Offer?

Desamfm gives the opportunity to explore a vast array of diverse content ranging from engaging blogs, enlightening videos, to insightful podcasts, downloadable resources, all thoughtfully curated to facilitate your spiritual growth.

Join Us for Free

Desamfm believes in making faith enrichment accessible to people across the globe, which is why signing up is absolutely free! Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the largest youth community dedicated to the Christian faith in the world

Our Journey

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Launch & Blogs

  • 25+ blogs
  • 10+ Videos
  • 15+ Podcast
  • Yearly impression 5,000


Expansion & Diversity

  • Wrote 500+ Blogs,
  • 100+ Podcasts
  • 75+ Videos
  • 10+ Courses
  • 5000+ downloadable
  • Monthly impression of 30,000.


Community Growth

  • Onboard 1Lakh Members
  • Forums
  • 25+ courses
  • 15,000+ downloadable
  • Monthly impression of 3,00,000

Meet The Team

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Charles & Vandana

Founders of Desamfm 

Visionaries since 2016, Charles and Vandana drive Desamfm's global outreach to young minds, fostering spiritual growth.

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Sidharth Subash

Head of Design 

Sidharth Subash brings creative brilliance to Desamfm, shaping its visual identity with diverse expertise.

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Joshua Samson

Head of Content development

Pursuing M.Th in theology at SAIACS, Joshua heads content development, infusing theological depth into Desamfm's diverse offerings.


Christina Mathos

Head of Creatives & Execution

SAIACS alumna Christina spearheads content execution and devises new strategies, ensuring Desamfm's continual evolution and impact.

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Godwin Suresh

Head of Marketing & Sales

Former business head of Satyam TV, Godwin leads our marketing division, applying his seasoned expertise to amplify Desamfm's reach.

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